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Recreational Playoffs

Philosophy for Playoffs and Post-Season Competition

Post-season play seeks to include the very best teams from each age group.  PYSA attempts to provide an environment that affords a competitive outlet for post-season competitions (playoffs and Tournament of Champions qualifications), pitting the “best” skilled teams from each age group against each other.

Playoffs in PYSA are considered "extra games," and are not guaranteed.  In the fall season, priority will be given to the determination of a representative to the NTSSA Tournament of Champions.  In all seasons, priority will be given to the completion of a full regular season, even at the expense of playoff competition.

Trophies and Playoffs


Trophies and Playoffs

Teams that finish in 1st place in each division of each age group, U9 and older, will be awarded a divisional trophy.  If a 1st place team goes on to finish as champions or runners-up in the season-ending playoffs, the team will receive the playoff trophy, but not the divisional trophy.  Teams may be awarded only one trophy per season.

PYSA holds season-ending playoffs for age groups U9 to U19.  The number of teams involved, and the selection of those teams is dependent upon the size of the league and the divisional break downs.   The competition is a single-elimination tournament, seeded based on results from the regular season and the divisional alignment for each particular age group. 

Playoff pairings are established using the traditional top-seed v. bottom-seed format.  In the fall season, PYSA may alter pairings to facilitate Tournament of Champions determination.  Playoffs are the key (but not sole) determiner of the PYSA ToC representative.

A few playoff reminders –


  •          Refs are paid by PYSA for the playoffs 
  •          Bring your roster/misconduct form for the referee and your corner flags…Got Soccer Game Card- just print your last game card from got soccer and just change team name/date/field and time accordingly.  If that is not available for you please use this form, Roster/Misconduct
  •          Home team continues to provide the game ball and change uniform color if necessary (home team is listed first)
  •          No tie games, all rounds of playoffs will include  2 – 10 minute overtime periods followed by PK’s (kicks from the mark)
  •          Playing time – minimum 50% of each half for everyone – please make sure this happens!  OT only needs to be 10 minutes each for the whole 20    minutes.  It is not necessary to sub at the 5min mark of each half
  •          PK kickers must be on the field at the end of OT…no subs for PKs.  Have 5 picked out and do have a plan if more are necessary


Regarding PKs, if the referee describes it differently than “best of 5” to start, please find a PYSA official.  Tied at 5 and it goes kick-by-kick on until there is a winner.  Again, only field players at the end of the game are eligible, so have your 6,7,8 etc. kickers picked out as well

PYSA reserves the right to abbreviate, modify, limit, or entirely cancel the end of season playoff tournament without notification.  The tournament is an extra service PYSA provides to its member teams, but it is subject to weather, field availability, and other issues.  PYSA CANNOT guarantee participation in this event, nor can it guarantee that the event will be held every season.

PYSA reserves the right to deny playoff participation (and Tournament of Champions consideration) to any team for unacceptable behavior, unruly conduct, persistent or critical rules violations, or other activities that run counter to the spirit of recreational soccer.  These include, but are not limited to the use of illegal or ineligible players, unethical behavior (by coaches, spectators, or players), playing time violations, serious or persistent misbehavior, or harassment/abuse of referees, opponents, or league personnel by players, coaches, or spectators.  This determination will be made solely by the PYSA Recreational Committee leadership, advised by the full committee and our partner associations.